The Northern Network is the blockchain the powers the Northern Equinox Fund™. It consists of a network of masternodes and stakers, who maintain the security and integrity of the blockchain to ensure a smooth experience for the users of the network.

Fast. Secure. Transparent.

In order for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to reach mainstream adoption, we need to find a solution to the most pressing issue faced by most blockchains today – maintaining the integrity of the network in an energy-efficient way.

We believe that a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism is the best foundation to ensure that a blockchain can continue to scale and offer adequate use-cases to its user-base for many years to come.

The Northern Network makes use of Proof-of-Stake mining and relies on a network of masternodes to add an additional layer of security to the network.

Block reward breakdown

This chart shows how each block is divided up by masternodes and stakers, in terms of percentage.

Blockchain statistics

60 second block time

5 million maximum supply

Treasury system enabled

2500 masternode collateral

SwiftTX for instant transactions

Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism