Keeping it short about NORT


NORT is the cryptocurrency that operates on our blockchain, the Northern Network. The codebase of NORT is very similar to that of Dash and PIVX — our network also operates on a system of masternodes and this gives us the ability to perform instant and private transactions using the NORT coin.

So what makes the Northern Network and the NORT coin, different to any other cryptocurrency?

  • Northern is community driven If you’re active in our Discord, or have been following the project from the early stages, you’ll have noticed that every decision we make with regard to updates, developments, and changes to the project, is done with the consultation and consent of the community. We do this, because we’ve realize that the easiest way to build a successful cryptocurrency, is to listen closely to what our investors and community members want.
  • Northern has use cases — Unlike a lot of cryptocurrencies on the market today that are merely copy and paste projects, the Northern team is working hard on developing real-world use cases for the NORT coin. These will include our decentralized marketplace, which will offer a wide variety of goods and services — all of which will be payed for in NORT coins. This gives the coin a legitimate use case, and ensures the coin has adequate liquidity and trading volume.
  • Northern is active — Again, another trend often witnessed with newly formed cryptocurrencies, is that the developers and team tend to drift off from the project after a short period of time. The coin then becomes stagnant, and the team are silent on social media and communication channels.

However, the Northern community is different. The community around this cryptocurrency is almost 1000 strong on Discord and is growing every day. The team often communicates with investors and believers in the project, and we enjoy keeping the community informed with what we’re currently working on. We do this to constantly re-assure the holders of our coin that we’re still here, and still working hard to make the project a success.