Northern is the first cryptocurrency-based hedge fund, made up entirely from masternode coins.


The purpose of the Northern Equinox Fund™ will be to relieve selling pressure on the Northern market, by creating an additional use case for the coin, that will provide its holders with another revenue stream, besides staking and running masternodes. Furthermore, the fund will also serve as a way to lock up the supply of the NORT coin, and lower the amount in circulation, thus benefiting the holders of the coin.

The Northern Equinox Fund™ will have its value denominated in terms of Bitcoin – all of the fund’s total assets under management (AUM) will be converted into BTC value for reporting statistics and returns on the fund. Investors who wish to buy into the fund will only be able to do so using the Northern (NORT) cryptocurrency, that will serve as the native coin to the Northern Equinox Fund™.

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